November 1, 2011

So from 2008 to 2011 we’ve updated this blog as often as we’ve had chance to, but the day has come when we’re not going to update this anymore… but fear not we can now be found at our new blog on our new soon to launch webstore. Click the image below to hit us up. Much love and thanks for your support these last few years!


AnyFor-tee Loves T-world… NEW ISSUE COMING!!!

August 24, 2011

So I admit it, we were late to discover T-world Magazine, the world’s only T-shirt journal, we first picked up issue 6 while in Magma book store in Manchester late last summer and we we’re absolutely blown away by it.

Ever since we’ve become great friends with the main man Eddie Zammit and have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the next issue since we got word on it a few months back, it’s taken a while but looks like that wait has been worth it, Eddie and the team have ripped the mag apart and came out with a slick new look and the content looks absolutely jaw dropping with a full issue dedicated to the New York Tee scene, that’s icon’s like Reed Space, Supreme, Zoo Yorks, even legends like Milton Glazier break down his I Love New York tee.

Check out the tee-ser video for the new issue below, and get some coin ready to cop it, also inside you’ll even see our very first AnyForty full page advertisement, hell if you’re gonna take the leap and invest in some advertisement, why not do it in the mag the whole fucking industry’s going to be holding in there hands!

Front Magazine

August 16, 2011

Much love to Front Magazine, for there recent support of AnyForty.

We need mags and blogs support to help us get out there, after all we can make the sickest products in the world but if people don’t see it, they don’t know about them. Like that whole if the Pope shits in the woods, does the owl hear him?!

We were featured in last months issue with our wallets, and now our sick new snapbacks have been included on the homepage of the Front site!

Click the pic to hit the site up. Big ups to Front and everyone else who’s showing support to the big Fo’ Oh!

AnyForty 3DA snapbacks lookbook online now!

August 12, 2011

You know we don’t fuck around over here at AnyForty towers!

We took delivery of our snapbacks on Tuesday, by Thursday night we’d done a brilliant shoot at Media City in Manchester (thankyou Jebus for keeping the rain away, and thank you Manchester Po Po for keeping the rioting scum away!!) and by Friday lunch time we’ve updated the store with new products, and designed a bootiful lookbook which you can see for yourselves on issue by clicking the below pic. No time like the present and all that shite.

Thanks to the homey Rick Nunn for the sick photography and big up the models, Purdi, Linzi, Danny and Kane, thanks for braving a slightly chilly Manc night and enjoy your new clobber, looks great on you all! So yeah, enough words, click the pic below, click full screen and enjoy some great pics. Once your done hit up the shop here and cop a lid!


Knee Deep In Sleep now stock AnyForty!

August 10, 2011

We’re proud to announce another wholesale stockist has got on board the AnyForty train, we’re now available from the Clothing & Art store Knee Deep In Sleep, they are stocking us alongside our homey Matt W Moore‘s “Tank Theory” label and two other sick brands including there very own brand Knee Deep In Sleep, working with a sick selection of artists including AnyForty fam  Niark 1 they’ve created a gorgeous set of tee’s, shirts and a absolutely stunning   jacket designed and made all on these very shores. Oh as well as  a selection of printed art on sale including one Elephantastic design from our brudda MegaMunden. Keep eyes peeled for a AnyForty x KDIS collabo some day soon!

Good luck to Ben and the guys for the launch, hope it’s a successful venture and hope AnyForty does good for you.

If you own a store and want to get on board with a wholesale account, shoot us a email to sup(at)AnyForty(dot)com for more info.

AnyForty 3DA snapbacks have landed!

August 8, 2011

Just need to pay a customs fee to release them 😦

AnyForty 3DA Snap Backs have been dispatched!

August 5, 2011

That’s right, just got these shots from the snap back manufacturers and there currently sat on a plane, probably watching a movie and enjoying compliment lager, on there way to AnyForty HQ!

This is the last you’ll see of these till we photograph them, and they pop up on the store.

Watch this space…

Also available in black with contrasting blood red satin interior…

And grey and black with contrasting orange interior!

Now to work out a interesting way to shoot them…

AnyForty is for the kids?

August 1, 2011

Just like ODB declared Wu Tang is for the children, we’ve had a lot of people in our 3 1/2 years existence asking us to do a range of kids tee’s.

Well we bowed to pressure a few weeks ago, and blessed our good friend Dylan’s younglin with a one off AnyForty Hydro Script tee for her 1st birthday.

Check little Maia out, something quite cool about little tee’s eh? So yeah, possibly watch this space for a really small run of some dedicated AnyForty kids drops, if you’ve got a youngun and would buy them AnyForty clobber reach out and let us know!

We can see the photoshoot now, toddlers all tooled up with plastic cricket bats, racing plastic three wheelers, drinking milk out of brown paper bags on the street corner while rocking little AnyForty designs, classic!

AnyForty Snapbacks… Update

August 1, 2011

A quick update on our snap backs, they’re all finished, just going through packaging and process stage and will be shipped to us for a next week arrival!!

Here’s some pics from the factory of the hats before they’ve been assembled…

AnyForty Famalama flickr group! WIN TEE’S!!!

July 30, 2011

The flickr accounts only been up a few days but already got some great pics of  the family repping there AnyForty tee’s proudly. Don’t be shy, get a pic of you up there and stand a chance of winning some goodies!

We know there’s a hell of a lot of people out there with our tee’s, sun is shining today, ante up with some mates, get away from the computer and go out with a camera and cook up some sick pics!

Hit up the group here and get involved!