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Any Forty wants a Knice life…

September 30, 2008

Here’s a project that we feel strongly about over here in Any Forty’s underground Bat Cave.

As we all know knife crime is a serious problem not only in London but all over the UK and a good friend of Any Forty, Hip Hop Producer, Media Mogul, Teacher and a man with fingers firmly in nuff pies the good Mr Fusion has produced a track featuring the cream of the crop, the Campbells Soup of the uk music scene all speaking out about the issues facing the youth of today.

Don’t be shy, click the link and check out this amazing project for yourselves…

Some sneak peaks from the Website shoot…

September 19, 2008

Here’s some sneak peak pics from the Joby Sessions and Aye Create directed photoshoot for the site which is coming real soon and is being built by Flashtemple!!

Any Forty Stickers!

September 16, 2008

We’ve just placed a order for some lovely vinyl stickers, weighing in at a super heavyweight 6cm squared and tough to all weather conditions these beauties are good to stick on your bike, skateboard, phone, lamposts, speed camera’s, your little brother, your dead granny, police cars or wherever else you want to plaster with the good name of Any Forty!

If you like em drop us a email to and when they turn up we’ll get you a set out in the post.

There’s a prize of (Any) Forty pieces of random crap we find lying round Any Forty HQ for the person who can stick them in the best place and get photographic evidence*

Damn we’re good to you guys!!!

*If you get caught remember we don’t know you yeah, so zip it!!!

Just a reminder…

September 15, 2008

That the Any Forty website is currently being built, however if you can’t wait till then you can get yourself a tee direct from the horses stable, drop us a email at with the size (small, medium, large) and colour your after (orange, cyan, black, magenta, green, navy, white or ladies brown) and we’ll hit you off with a Paypal invoice and in exchange for £20 we’ll get one (or two if you wanna look fresher two days a week) and we’ll send one on the back of winged monkeys to your gaff!!

Any Forty featured on Bike Radar

September 15, 2008

Our new Series 2 range of the Icon tee made it onto the digital pages of Mbuk’s blog about how lairy colours are the way forward.

Check the article out here.

We are Any Forty!

September 15, 2008

If you don’t know us now you do, we’re Any Forty, we were born in Newcastle and we’re now roaming the mean country lanes of Bath and we rock the baddest tee’s around. Get off that tractor and bow down…

Keep your eyes peeled to this blog for more Any Forty news, and trust us there’s gonna be lots going on!