Any Forty Stickers!

We’ve just placed a order for some lovely vinyl stickers, weighing in at a super heavyweight 6cm squared and tough to all weather conditions these beauties are good to stick on your bike, skateboard, phone, lamposts, speed camera’s, your little brother, your dead granny, police cars or wherever else you want to plaster with the good name of Any Forty!

If you like em drop us a email to and when they turn up we’ll get you a set out in the post.

There’s a prize of (Any) Forty pieces of random crap we find lying round Any Forty HQ for the person who can stick them in the best place and get photographic evidence*

Damn we’re good to you guys!!!

*If you get caught remember we don’t know you yeah, so zip it!!!


One Response to “Any Forty Stickers!”

  1. James Thomas Says:

    I’m lovin the new stickers! and the black ones will definately be pimpin on my bike if i get hold of some. Ill also give some around to others. Im gunna slap one right onto my dads new car!!

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