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October 19, 2008

We’ve just got these work in progress pics of the Any Forty site and Matt at is doing a stunning job with it, we can see why he’s won awards already and some of the ideas he comes up with regarding site builds are amazing. This ones going to be a flash beauty with lots of wicked touches. It’s gonna be posher than the Queen eating mint Vicount biscuits while sitting aloft a wheeled diamond encrusted gold thrown which is being dragged through Windsor Castle’s grounds by 300 corgi’s while wearing the ladies chocolate tee. Pretty damn posh we tell thee!

Here’s a little step by step sneak peak of the site, once you see it moving your Any Forty tee’s gonna be blown right off your back. You have bought one though haven’t you? Yeah?! Good!

Big ups again to Mr Matt Booth of Flashtemple fame. *cough* *cough*

That’s all your getting for now!!!

Check out the live site real soon…

Any Forty: Series One The Icon Tee

October 6, 2008

While the site’s being built by Flashtemple, we thought we’d show you the entire Any Forty collection, there selling out fast so if you want one and don’t want to wait for the new site, click on this cheeky little link and cop one from here