Ladies Tee’s 09

After selling out of last years ladies colourway we’ve been harrassed silly about some new chicks tee’s.

So we’ve cooked up these 4 colourways, which you have to narrow down to the one design we’ll print up.

Ladies, get voting, tell us which one you want! Purple, White, Yellow or Magenta? The choice is yours πŸ˜‰



17 Responses to “Ladies Tee’s 09”

  1. PB Says:


  2. Rach Says:

    White πŸ™‚ Simple but pops!

  3. Purdi Says:

    Pink… obviously πŸ™‚

  4. Lizzie Says:

    Purple or Pink and saying that the yellow is cool, just bring one out!!!

  5. Grace Says:


  6. Wildfire198 Says:

    Purple please πŸ˜€ it looks amazing.

  7. ayecreate Says:

    Looking like purple so far ladies!

  8. Bath Mam Says:

    Purple / Pink one please – lovely!

  9. Gemma Says:

    Noooo, WHITE for summer for sure!!!! Maybe with pink in the logo??

  10. Kaka Says:

    ..It’s all about longevity.. it’s got to be white. Could bring out the colours as very limited edition tees. Makes them special andmore pricey..
    ps if you don’t go for white, purple has my attention too.

  11. funsize Says:

    Pink or yellow. Purple is so not a summer colour!

  12. kate curd Says:

    dude, white all the way, no doubt about it!

  13. ayecreate Says:

    Late run on whites ladies!!!

  14. Rosee Says:

    Purple for gawd’s sake! Loving the yellow, but won’t suit a lot of peeps…
    White? *yawns*

  15. meg Says:

    purple and pink and white they look fab!!

  16. meg Says:

    purple pink or white they are fab!!

  17. Steph Says:


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