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Any Forty x Ripe Digital

July 28, 2009

We keep on telling you we’re not like a normal brand over here, and we’re continuing our uniqueness by working on a limited edition book that we’ll be selling to go with the 2009 range of Any Forty Versus tee’s. Featuring interviews with all the designers who’ve taken part, aswell as work in progress pics and the thinking behind there ideas, backed up with crisp clean design and stunning photography this is a collectors piece your not going to want to miss out on.

Coming soon and expertly printed by our good friends over at Ripe Digital.

Here’s a sneak peak at the very first stage of designing..


Ahhh fuck it, leakage time!

July 23, 2009

We were trying to keep the new designs secret till they came back from White Duck but we are so proud of these babies we’re gonna unleash 3 out of the 5 early doors. So from left to right, see AnyForty Verus, Niark 1, iLK & Gorey and McFaul Studios.

Fucking dope yar?! Get saving those pennies for the mid August street date, and keep your eyes peeled on the store for a pre order special.

Big up ya chest!


Any Forty X iLK & Gorey!

July 23, 2009

One of the final pieces of the Any Forty Verus collection of 2009 see’s us link up with a good friend of ours from France, iLK. iLK’s got a real unique style of his own and is creating some stunning work which you can see here. However for this tee he’s suprised the shit out of us and brought in one of his mates from France, the incredible artist Gorey, who works for Zoo York amongst other massive clients. Dude’s work is incredible!

Until the full final series unveil here’s a sneak peak at a section of there masterpiece!


Sale on our Icon tee’s!

July 20, 2009

That’s right, we need to clear some space to fill with the next range of Versus designs so we’re selling our Icon tee’s at 25% off.

So that’s £15 with free postage instead of £20, go get em for a limited time only right hurrrrrrrrrr

Versus Sale

Versus series 1.5 coming in August Ohh Nine

July 12, 2009

That’s right, you enjoyed the first range of Versus tee’s yeah? The series where we were blessed with designs from Japan’s Loworks, Russia’s The SickSystems and Bristol’s Sereo.
Well we’ve got a treat for you lined up, new collaborations from Niark 1 from France, McFaul and JamFactory from the UK as well as many more. Aswell as possibly some new colourways of some of Series 1 favourites. Watch this space.

Untill the full unveil check out this sneak work in progress peak from our mates over at Waste in Nottingham, who have blessed us with a stupid nice design.



Full series unveil coming real soon….

Rice and peas out!!