Pre Order Versus Series 1.5 Now!!! Save £5

That’s right, after a few months of planning the final range of Versus tee’s for 2009 are now ready to go off to print.

To celebrate the fact we’re giving those of you who check the blog and the store the chance to pre order a tee for £20 instead of £25, that’s a whopping saving of £5 and you’re guaranteed to be the first people to be rocking the tee’s too. Credit crunch? We eat credit crunch for breakfast, with semi skimmed milk and a ice cold glass of orange juice. The posh shit with bits in.

Anyway click the picture below to be magically transported to the shop and take advantage of the discountataaaay, watch your heads on the way in. It’s a small doorway…


Also big ups to all the artists involved, couldn’t of done it without your help. Big up ya creative chests. Brrrraaaaaaaap brrrraaaaaaaap etc!!


2 Responses to “Pre Order Versus Series 1.5 Now!!! Save £5”

  1. MAD OFSHIRT Says:

    Great Work…Niark 1 for me…

  2. Andy K Says:

    Fucking awesome. Definitely getting me a Waste one.

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