AnyForty and Knowle West Media Centre.

When we started planning this exhibition we knew we wanted to support a local charity that many people may often over look, so we weren’t looking to help find cures for horrendous diseases like cancer or send blind children swimming with dolphins, we wanted to do something that was personal to us. Being a brand that thrives on design & “the arts”. We set about on a mission to find a charity that fits what we rep and helps the kids get into the scene we all love.

And we found them. Knowle West Media Centre is a local charity that works with the local community to develop the creative, educational and social potential of the yoof in the surrounding areas. They produce high-quality film, design and media work, provide exciting experiences for young people and run a diverse programme of arts activities, including exhibitions, events, talks and screenings.

Didn’t take a genius to work out they were the perfect match for us. So we’re more than proud to announce that all profits from the sale of the prints at our Versus exhibition will go straight into the pockets of the team at Knowle West. Sure it’ll not be a shit load of moolah but every little bit helps to keep amazing organizations like this running right?

We’re looking forward to helping the guys out and we’re looking forward to meeting a lot of you at the opening night! We’re also going to do our best to organise some talks for you guys on the saturday, so you can come along to the gallery and find out more about what us and our artists do and how we do it!


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