Versus 2.5 Range: FULL UNVEIL

So if you’ve been following the twitter feed you’ll of seen various sneak peaks of different stages/colourways of some of our new range tees. But now, we’re proud to unveil the full set in one go. It’s our biggest yet. Instead of the normal 6 we’re hitting you off with 8. Including the 2 artist competition winners.

So take a peak at the range below, and get those pennies ready for the early November on sale date!

Now you’ve seen them all spread the word, there’s no other brand out there dropping fucking gems like these. NONE!


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9 Responses to “Versus 2.5 Range: FULL UNVEIL”

  1. Afovea Says:

    Pure sickness! Can’t wait to get my hands on the pin-up tee, can easily see that being my new favourite shirt! Awesome job on the new range.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I absolutely love the ‘Purdi Petunia’ one. Will de be buying one when they drop. Excited. x

  3. group6gdnm Says:

    so so so so so so so sick.
    privileged to have work up with those savage illustrators.

  4. group6gdnm Says:


  5. Goddamnit Says:

    The zombiecorp one with tattooed zombies is great too!

  6. Purdi Petunia Says:

    I’m so happy to be representin the ladies and being amongst all these fab illustrators. First person I see wearin my tee is getting a Mars Bar 😉

  7. realnastystuff Says:

    Great designs!

  8. Jack Wells Says:

    SSWWEETT – best drop since the dawn of time, feel lucky to be in there. JACK

  9. Vwtshirt Says:

    Best illustrators .. All of them.. Does anyone will illustrate for vw tees

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