AnyForty Year Roundup. Ta ra 2010, you’ve been a good un!

So 2010 is nearly out and it was a great year for us. Started it slowly before kicking off with our 2nd Birthday Bash in March, dropping our Versus 2 range of tee’s early summer, taking part in the Howies exhibition in Bristol, the AnyForty Versus Exhibition in June, exhibiting at the Margin tradeshow in summer,  a trip to San Fran to politic with some of the big boys in US streetwear, the Versus 3 drop in early winter, the Artist Sports Pack competition, then the Teeology book to end the year on a high.

Got just as much goodness planned for 2011 so stay on board, promise we’ll keep you entertained.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported the brand in 2010 and before, that’s all the artists who’ve worked on tee’s for us, all the stores who stock our range and all you guys who buy it, we really do  appreciate your support and we couldn’t do this without you all. We’re only now starting to get a foot in the door with the chance of turning this into something really great, in 2011 we’re hoping to get a crow bar into that door and pull it off it’s fucking hinges by releasing our first range of products that aren’t tee’s. First drop see’s Artist collaboration sweatshirts by Guy McKinley and McBess, shortly followed by our first snap back collection. Hoping to release more accessories throughout the year too, but we need you to keep supporting and cop our products.

Hit up the store and enter the code WESALUTEYOU to get 20% off anything as a thanks!

See you all on the other side, much love!


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