New product WIP. AnyForty Classic Collection.

Quick one peoples, playing around with a forthcoming range called AnyForty Classic Collection

Basically going to be a range of simple bold one or two colour typographical designs for the family who want to rep AnyForty all day but sometimes don’t want the big lairy illustrated prints. That range is going to consist of two new colourways of the Hydro Script tee and one typographical “Killer A” design by our man Craig Ward aka Words Are Pictures which is also going to be the branding rolled out on the Quintin Co Snap Backs if we ever get round to getting samples made!

Here’s a quick look at the Killer A crew neck. Will be a two colour white and grey print with fabric tag detailing on the right sleeve.

What you saying?!


As part of the classics range we’ve also been sampling up some script tees, feeling this one a lot at the moment.


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