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AnyForty x Evolved Athletic, UK x USA!

March 6, 2011

Over the last few weeks we hooked up a brand over in the States we’ve known for a long time Evd Ath there into all the same shit we are, just residing in a different part of the world, collaborating makes super sense!!!

We collaborated with them by sorting them out with our A Beautiful Machine artwork, previously seen in a one off print for The Howies A Beautiful Machine exhibition in 2010.

This design was too sick to sit in the computer, never to be worn, so when our family from Virginia got in touch wanting to work with us, this was the perfect solution!

So why not hit up Evolved Athletics webstore and treat your self to one, they come in mans and ladies fits and there only $19.99 that’s only just over £12 UK monies. Fucking bargain.

Much love to VA!



March 6, 2011

We’ve been going now for 3 years, that’s over 30 tee’s we’ve released. In that time we’ve a batch of tee’s which are random sizes of stuff we’ve left, including one off colourways and samples of designs we’ve not printed up.

So to thank you for 3 years support we’ve decided we’re gonna give you chance to get a AnyForty tee for less than half price, all you do is click the size you want, and we’ll pick a tee at random and we’ll send them your way.

This offer is only going to last for our birthday month of March.

You could get a previously sold out tee, a one off sweatshirt design, a rare design from our first print run or a brand new ones from the latest range. Total mystery, total surprise. You’ll receive a package and you’ll not know what you’re getting. Like Christmas day as a yoof all over again!

If you place the “Surprise, surprise!!!” offer we choose what you get.

That means there’s no returns or exchanges. That’s the risk with such a good offer.

If you’re unlucky to get a duplicate of a tee you already own then give it to your sister for her birthday, cut the sleeves off it and wear it as a wife beater vest, keep it till the one you currently rock falls to bits or wait till we’re massive and sell it on eBay for a tidy profit!

So are you ready to roll the dice and get involved yo?! £10 is your entry fee. Select your size and wait and see what the postman brings!!!