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Killer A crew shoot by Rick Nunn

April 16, 2011

We’ve just worked with a photographer we’ve wanted to work with for a long time, Rick Nunn‘s been a AnyForty supporter since the jump off and we’ve seen his photography come on a long way in a stupid short space of time. We know Rick’s a fan of our more subtle products so we thought he’d be the perfect man to shoot AND model our new product with this slick self portrait. Rick’s done a absolutely fucking great job of the shoot, we’re never a fan of not getting chance to art direct the shoot ourselves, but we were struck down with a Gut bug and the shoot needed doing, but Rick smashed it, and earns his stripes as the latest member of the AnyForty family! Check out the pic below that we’ll be sending out as press for the new crews, which if your a observant type you’ll of noticed it is available this coming Wednesday! Feel free to rob the pic and use on your own blog. All bless!

AnyForty x J3Concepts Leather wallets… update!

April 11, 2011

Well another day and another update on these wallets.

Just got word from our go to guy in Hong Kong that a sample of the wallet has just landed on his desk. Few little things to iron out till it’s signed off and gone into full production but it’s looking pretty damn big in the game!

200 wallets in total, 100 black, 100 broon. What you sayin?!

Here’s the front…

And here’s the back!


AnyForty Killer A update… Nearly here!!!

April 8, 2011

Another update for the day on our first non tee products! Just got word from White Duck that our Killer A crew necks are all finished and heading up to Manchester as we speak!

Check out the sweet little extra finishes, new silky neck tags and embroidered sleeve details.

Will go on sale on monday evening from for £45 Only 40 made. Don’t miss ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!

AnyForty x J3Concepts wallet update!!!

April 8, 2011

So we’ve talked a few times about these J3Concepts embossed leather wallets we’re getting made, perhaps you thought they’d go the same route as the snap backs, talked about but never materialized due to cash money flow. Well you’d be fucking wrong!!! Check out these pics from the factory in Hong Kong making them, moulded embossing plate, ready to be pressed into the leather. Pre Production Sample landing with our agents in Hong Kong on Monday then shipped across to us in the UK to approve! BIG! Our first non tee product and it’s nearly done.

Oh by the way those long talked about Snap Backs. COMING THIS SUMMER!!!! 2011 THE YEAR OF ANYFORTY MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!

AnyForty “Killer A” Crewneck sweats

April 5, 2011

So we’ve just had these pictures back from White Duck Screen Print, our brand new Killer A crewnecks, consisting of a monotone captial “A” from the font Killer designed by our mate Craig Ward. These will be with us in a matter of days, will be photographed and on sale by the weekend.

There dark heather sweats with two colour silkscreen print and embroidered AnyForty cuff detailing. You can grab one of only 40 for £45, don’t hang around because these will fly out the coup when they land!

If these go down well you can expect to see the Killer A series evolve starting off with a outing on our long talked about snap back’s!

Till then, get saving those golden nuggets up for the sweat!


April 3, 2011

So a few months back we downloaded this iPad app called DJAY it’s a pretty slick app that’s available for all tings Apple and gives normal people the chance to make mixes without dropping a fortune on equipment.

We’ve been fannying around with it today, and thought we’d start a new series of AnyForty mixes as whenever we drop a video we always get people asking us about the music we’ve used. So this is a quick mix we did today, is a real quick crude mix, ain’t no mainstream stuff here, so if that’s what you came for i wouldn’t bother downloading. It’s us dipping a toe into the sea of hip hop we like, starts off with some of our favourite US artists, switches up into some Australian hip hop and goes out with a bang with some homegrown UK riddims!

Download it from here or click the below cover and let us know what you think, and if you’d like to hear more, we’ve over 25 years hip hop knowledge that has flowed through our ears so we’d be down for sharing it with you all!

It’s one long mp3 clocking in at just over a hour,  it’s perfect for that ride to work or stcking it on to tear the gym up.

Also, we’re not pretending we’re DJ’s over here, got a lot of respect for people who do this legitly and do it well, be it on the ones and two’s or digitally with Serrato. We’re not trying to be like you so calm down before anyone whinges,  we’re just trying to make a nice little selection of tracks we like for people to listen to, even if the mix is a bit crude it’s still a banger!

AnyForty x Johanna Basford – Sneak peek!

April 3, 2011

Happy Sunday peoples! So we announced on our Facebook page we’ve binned off the idea of our R3FIX range and decided to create a brand new Versus range for you lucky pups to rock over the Summer. No point looking back, gotta look forward and keep it moving!

We’ve already shown the J3Concepts Wallet and Tee package from Versus 4 range, and we’re letting off one more sneak peek shot in the air for you today, we’re proud to hook up with a new member of the AnyForty Family, our second Scottish representative the sick scribbler Johanna Basford is continuing the tradition of illustrating the AnyForty logo. So take a look below, showing a tiny section of the artwork, beautifully hand drawn by the lady herself. We’ve seen the finished piece and trust us it’s going to fly out of the store! Is a beautiful AnyForty garden that contains many nasty surprises. Full unveil coming in a few weeks!

So that’s J3 Concepts, Johanna Basford dropping Versus 4 designs, who’s next?! All artists are already working on designs but who do you hope is involved?! Drop a comment and let us know!