So a few months back we downloaded this iPad app called DJAY it’s a pretty slick app that’s available for all tings Apple and gives normal people the chance to make mixes without dropping a fortune on equipment.

We’ve been fannying around with it today, and thought we’d start a new series of AnyForty mixes as whenever we drop a video we always get people asking us about the music we’ve used. So this is a quick mix we did today, is a real quick crude mix, ain’t no mainstream stuff here, so if that’s what you came for i wouldn’t bother downloading. It’s us dipping a toe into the sea of hip hop we like, starts off with some of our favourite US artists, switches up into some Australian hip hop and goes out with a bang with some homegrown UK riddims!

Download it from here or click the below cover and let us know what you think, and if you’d like to hear more, we’ve over 25 years hip hop knowledge that has flowed through our ears so we’d be down for sharing it with you all!

It’s one long mp3 clocking in at just over a hour,  it’s perfect for that ride to work or stcking it on to tear the gym up.

Also, we’re not pretending we’re DJ’s over here, got a lot of respect for people who do this legitly and do it well, be it on the ones and two’s or digitally with Serrato. We’re not trying to be like you so calm down before anyone whinges,  we’re just trying to make a nice little selection of tracks we like for people to listen to, even if the mix is a bit crude it’s still a banger!


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