AnyForty x Johanna Basford – Sneak peek!

Happy Sunday peoples! So we announced on our Facebook page we’ve binned off the idea of our R3FIX range and decided to create a brand new Versus range for you lucky pups to rock over the Summer. No point looking back, gotta look forward and keep it moving!

We’ve already shown the J3Concepts Wallet and Tee package from Versus 4 range, and we’re letting off one more sneak peek shot in the air for you today, we’re proud to hook up with a new member of the AnyForty Family, our second Scottish representative the sick scribbler Johanna Basford is continuing the tradition of illustrating the AnyForty logo. So take a look below, showing a tiny section of the artwork, beautifully hand drawn by the lady herself. We’ve seen the finished piece and trust us it’s going to fly out of the store! Is a beautiful AnyForty garden that contains many nasty surprises. Full unveil coming in a few weeks!

So that’s J3 Concepts, Johanna Basford dropping Versus 4 designs, who’s next?! All artists are already working on designs but who do you hope is involved?! Drop a comment and let us know!


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