AnyForty x J3Concepts wallet update!!!

So we’ve talked a few times about these J3Concepts embossed leather wallets we’re getting made, perhaps you thought they’d go the same route as the snap backs, talked about but never materialized due to cash money flow. Well you’d be fucking wrong!!! Check out these pics from the factory in Hong Kong making them, moulded embossing plate, ready to be pressed into the leather. Pre Production Sample landing with our agents in Hong Kong on Monday then shipped across to us in the UK to approve! BIG! Our first non tee product and it’s nearly done.

Oh by the way those long talked about Snap Backs. COMING THIS SUMMER!!!! 2011 THE YEAR OF ANYFORTY MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!


One Response to “AnyForty x J3Concepts wallet update!!!”

  1. Phil Ton Says:

    Fuck! This looks really really dope!
    I would LOVE to preorder!! 😀

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