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AnyForty uppercase snap backs…

May 30, 2011

So then, if you’re a regular viewer of the blog you’ll of seen us chat about snap backs for probably the last 6 months, well now’s the time we’re dropping our first range. Off to manufacture now, we’re testing the water with a simple, everyday bold collection, we’ve christened the uppercase range, they should be on sale in July. Available in 3 colours… If these are recieved well we’ll drop the first of our artist series hats which will see one of the AnyForty family produce there very own signature snap back!

Here’s a look at the designs for the uppercase range.

Purple with white 3D embroidered uppercase A, with mint accents and contrasting pink interior.

Athletic grey with white 3D embroidered uppercase A, with black accents and contrasting orange interior.

Black with white 3D embroidered uppercase A, with grey accents and contrasting red interior.

Versus 4: AnyForty x Drew Millward

May 30, 2011

I know we said we were going to unveil a design a day from this new range but stuff’s been mental busy last 4 days, organising quotes, wholesale orders, getting new product sent off to print,anyway, we’re back  so here after a 5 day delay is the next design!!!!

This one see’s a new member of the AnyForty family, the superb Mr Drew Millward with a design that is simply bananas… axes, wings and skulls all finished off in yellow and a fluro pink ink on a athletic grey tee, what’s not to like!!!!

Versus 4: AnyForty x Matt Taylor

May 25, 2011

As promised we’re continuing with the unveiling of the full Versus 4 range.

Next up design number 2 of 7, from the brilliant Matt Taylor!

This beauty is going to be screen printed on the back of a black tee, Matt’s take on a nautical design and our subtle nod to mid 90’s skate tee’s when every skate brand rocked the back print.  Coming mid June yo!

Witness the sickness!

May 24, 2011

We’re just sat here, getting the artwork ready for the new range to go to print and you know what, we’re not scared to say it… Our new range is sick!
Sick in the mouth!
Sick in your mommas mouth!
Sick in the face!
Sick in a orphaned child’s bed!
Sick in a cat’s food bowl!
Sick in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!
Sick in Gary Willmott’s faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!!!!

Next design to be unveilled tomorrow night from the one and only… MATT TAYLOR!

AnyForty x J3 Concepts Wallet Competition! WINNER’S ANNOUNCED

May 24, 2011

So after announcing the competition where you had the chance too win one of our amazing new AnyForty x J3 Concepts wallets simply by joining a mailing list we had a massive amount of people sign up, all of whom recieved our first newsletter which went out last night and threw there hat into the competition ring, stay tuned for more newsletters in the future including exclusive news and the occasional discount code. We promise we won’t spam you though, so no need to call a spambulance just yet.
Anyway, we’re proud to announce the 2 lucky winners drawn at random today using the auld classic eyes closed and point method.

So the two lucky puppies are…


We’ll email both of you now to get your addresses for your prizes, and to those of you who didn’t win, don’t you dare unsubscribe from the mailing list, we know where you live, work, eat and sleep all because you foolishly signed up for a newsletter, we will hunt you down and hurt you if you leave the family. Once you’re in, you’re in for life… Did we not mention that?!

Versus 4: AnyForty x Yup

May 24, 2011

So as promised last night, here’s design number 1, first of 7 new designs that will be gracing tee’s in Summer’s Versus 4 drop.
By Mr Paulo Arraiano aka Yup 
Hoping to have these on sale by mid June so you can rock some sick new AnyForty in the summer sun!

AnyForty Versus 4 Range… Full Unveil!!!

May 23, 2011

It’s been 6 months since our last range dropped and it’s time to get some fresh AnyForty clobber on your backs.
Soooooooooo over the next 7 days we’re going to unveil one design a day… starting tomorrow!
So make sure you hit the blog up tomorrow night to see the first design from the seven that make the full range up, first one we’re going to show you is by  the incredibly sick Paulo Arraiano aka YUP!



May 22, 2011

Want to win one of these lovely AnyForty x J3 Concepts wallets? Well all you have to do is sign up to our newsletter and we’ll pick one, actually fuckit, we’ll pick 2 of you lucky puppies to win a wallet each.

So no tricky questions to answer, no having to do anything creative or clever, you just hit this link up, use those sausage fingers to type your email addy in, join the newsletter and you get chance to win free stuff. Mint eh?!!!!

Click the below picture to sign up yo! And good luck…

Ohh, if you’ve ever bought a AnyForty product before you’ve automatically been signed up to the newsletter, bit cheeky yeah, but fuck it if you don’t like it you can unsubscribe with the click of a button! Big ups x

AnyForty x J3 Concepts leather wallets…

May 11, 2011

So after teasing you with work in progress pics of our J3 Concepts wallets and about a million tweets, we’re proud to finally announce our wallets are now on sale and selling like hot cakes!

Big ups our homeboy Rick Nunn who smashed the photography, I know they were a pain to shoot but they look sweet fella!

Hit up the store now to buy one, limited numbers and as with all our stuff, once there gone, there gone for good!

Also the legend that is Jared Nickerson of J3 Concepts put together a slick selection of wallpaper pictures for your computer/iPad/iPhone hell even print it out and stick it on your wall wallpaper. The images are all attached below. Click on them to get the full size ones, then right click, save as. Enjoy and spread the word. AnyForty and J3 Concepts in MMXI we ain’t fucking around yo!

Desktop Wallpaper – 1920×1200

Desktop Wallpaper – 1920×1200

Desktop Wallpaper – 1920×1200

Desktop Wallpaper – 1920×1200

iPad Wallpaper  – 1024×1024

iPad Wallpaper  – 1024×1024

iPhone Wallpaper  – 1024×1024

iPhone Wallpaper  – 1024×1024

AnyForty Versus 4… Sneak Peek yo!

May 8, 2011

We’ve been so busy lately with planning wallets/crew necks/world takeovers that the new range of tee’s has been delayed slightly, but don’t worry, because in a matter of weeks we’ll be dropping the full Versus 4 range featuring a second drop of artwork from a previous AnyForty favourite and 6 new drops from brand new to the family artists. You excited? You should be! Take a peak below at slivers from 4 designs from the new range and see if you can guess who’s involved!

If your a store who currently doesn’t stock us but would like to drop us a email at and get involved with another great range of tee’s!