Versus 4: AnyForty x J3Concepts

Another day another unveil, so here’s the next design from Versus 4, after the success of our J3 wallets you know we had to reup quickly with the man Jared Nickerson aka J3 Concepts. So here we are, a matching tee that will *complement your wallet.

Will also be a limited run of wallet and tee combination packs that we will sell for £48.

*Small AnyForty fact, these tee’s were meant to drop the same time as the wallets, but due to the lack of funds after making the wallets we had to hold them over for a month or so, that’s how real it gets over here. Independent brands, we bring money in from sales and put it straight back into product, so continue supporting us so we can keep on growing and work with brilliant artists worldwide on sick in the face product that you lot seem to love!


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