Calling all up and coming writers!!! AnyForty Magazine Issue 1 needs you…

So, you know we like to do things a lil different over here, we like to keep ourselves busy and we really like to try and separate our selves from our competitors, so here’s the next step in the plan.

Originally coming from a editorial design background, being obsessed with magazines, illustrations and streetwear it seems completely bonkers not to pull them all together in a 48 page AnyForty magazine yeah?!

So here’s our plan, we could probably write it all ourselves, but we like to open doors over here, so if you’re a up and coming writer/journalist who’d love to get the chance to interview some legends like 123 Klan, J3 Concepts, Johanna Basford, Melbs etc… then we want to hear from you. It’s your chance to get some published work in what’s going to be a beautiful little collectable magazine.

So drop us a email at with some examples of your writing style, preferably any examples of previous interviews you’ve done too. Of course a knowledge of the scene (streetwear/illustration/art) is a given necessity.

If you’re down for doing some writing, getting something that looks next level shit hot for your folio with access to some of the most talented artists out there then we want to hear from you. This is going to be a proper independent release, designed and printed up by ourselves and sold basically to cover costs of production. There unfortunately won’t be any fee for your words well not until Issue 6 when we’re printing up 30,000 copies and are stocked in WHSmiths and Magma! However we can slang you some tee’s as payment.

This is something we’re doing for the love. If you can make words with a heavy dose of love and passion on the side of whatever you’re doing now then your the person for us.

Here’s a quick mock of how the magazine is going to look. We’re looking to get started on this really soon, working out a flatplan now and hitting artists up we want to interview, so hit us up on the emizzle now if you want to get involved in something potentially ground breaking from this independent UK brand! JOIN THE FAMILIA!


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