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AnyForty Famalama flickr group! WIN TEE’S!!!

July 30, 2011

The flickr accounts only been up a few days but already got some great pics of  the family repping there AnyForty tee’s proudly. Don’t be shy, get a pic of you up there and stand a chance of winning some goodies!

We know there’s a hell of a lot of people out there with our tee’s, sun is shining today, ante up with some mates, get away from the computer and go out with a camera and cook up some sick pics!

Hit up the group here and get involved!

Join the AnyForty Famalama and win stuff yo!

July 25, 2011

You read it right, stand the chance to win free stuff  just by uploading a pic of you repping the big Four-Oh onto our new Flickr group, couldn’t be easier.

We’ll look in on the group on the 14th August and pick out 2 lucky winners of Versus 4 tee’s, and after that will reward family with free goodies/discount codes etc… So don’t be shy, get that camera out and join the family!

You can add as many pics as you want, long as you’re repping one of our products!


Little Monday gift… Free iPhone wallpapers!!

July 11, 2011

As it’s Monday and probably the most depressing day of the week, we’ve cooked up some iPhone 4 ready wallpapers from the new range to put a smile on your melons. Feel free to grab them, stick them on your phone, share them with mates, print them out and stick them on your cats arse, whatever floats your boat!

For all you non iPhone users, hold back your tears and messages crying that we haven’t made any Raspberry or Andreaoid versions, we’ve made these as crops of the artwork so sure you can crop them to fit! 😉

Click on the images below, and save them direct to your phone!

Remember, the new range is currently live on the store!

AnyForty 3DA Snap Backs… Sample pics!

July 6, 2011

Just got some samples back for our upcoming short run of snap backs…

The lids come with oversized 3D embroidered uppercase A on the front, and embroidered AnyForty script on the rear 3/4 to the left of the snappers. Complimentary colourways on the snappers and rear embroidery, and contrasting silky satin interiors that’ll feel amazing. Few tiny tweaks to do before full production run but we thought you’d like to see them!

3 colourways of only 50 hats each will be available…

Here’s a closer look at the purple hat, with turquoise detailing…

And check out the interiors of the two other hats…

Grey hat with orange satin interior.

Black hat with red satin interior.

Full set on sale soon!!!