AnyFor-tee Loves T-world… NEW ISSUE COMING!!!

So I admit it, we were late to discover T-world Magazine, the world’s only T-shirt journal, we first picked up issue 6 while in Magma book store in Manchester late last summer and we we’re absolutely blown away by it.

Ever since we’ve become great friends with the main man Eddie Zammit and have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the next issue since we got word on it a few months back, it’s taken a while but looks like that wait has been worth it, Eddie and the team have ripped the mag apart and came out with a slick new look and the content looks absolutely jaw dropping with a full issue dedicated to the New York Tee scene, that’s icon’s like Reed Space, Supreme, Zoo Yorks, even legends like Milton Glazier break down his I Love New York tee.

Check out the tee-ser video for the new issue below, and get some coin ready to cop it, also inside you’ll even see our very first AnyForty full page advertisement, hell if you’re gonna take the leap and invest in some advertisement, why not do it in the mag the whole fucking industry’s going to be holding in there hands!


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