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AnyForty x J3 Concepts Wallet Competition! WINNER’S ANNOUNCED

May 24, 2011

So after announcing the competition where you had the chance too win one of our amazing new AnyForty x J3 Concepts wallets simply by joining a mailing list we had a massive amount of people sign up, all of whom recieved our first newsletter which went out last night and threw there hat into the competition ring, stay tuned for more newsletters in the future including exclusive news and the occasional discount code. We promise we won’t spam you though, so no need to call a spambulance just yet.
Anyway, we’re proud to announce the 2 lucky winners drawn at random today using the auld classic eyes closed and point method.

So the two lucky puppies are…


We’ll email both of you now to get your addresses for your prizes, and to those of you who didn’t win, don’t you dare unsubscribe from the mailing list, we know where you live, work, eat and sleep all because you foolishly signed up for a newsletter, we will hunt you down and hurt you if you leave the family. Once you’re in, you’re in for life… Did we not mention that?!



May 22, 2011

Want to win one of these lovely AnyForty x J3 Concepts wallets? Well all you have to do is sign up to our newsletter and we’ll pick one, actually fuckit, we’ll pick 2 of you lucky puppies to win a wallet each.

So no tricky questions to answer, no having to do anything creative or clever, you just hit this link up, use those sausage fingers to type your email addy in, join the newsletter and you get chance to win free stuff. Mint eh?!!!!

Click the below picture to sign up yo! And good luck…

Ohh, if you’ve ever bought a AnyForty product before you’ve automatically been signed up to the newsletter, bit cheeky yeah, but fuck it if you don’t like it you can unsubscribe with the click of a button! Big ups x

The Winners of our Teeology books are…

March 28, 2011

So then, you saw we ran a competition over the weekend (see below if you’re short of memory) and you’re wondering who’s won. Well wonder no longer.

A copy of our Teeology book is now packaged up and will be stuck into a miniture Jansport backpack on the back of winged red arsed monkey  and send into the nights sky ready for delivery to…

1) Kane Pickerill from Cheshire


2) Mike Ng from Wirral

Congrats both of you, of course if you did some google digging you’d see the correct answer was not black, or green, or white, but …


PURPLE! Enjoy 🙂

Friday freeness!!!! WIN A TEEOLOGY BOOK

March 25, 2011

Well not free for everyone, just two of you lucky pups, some may call it a competition!

Reet, decided as it’s a nice sunny day, we’ve great stuff in the pipeline we’re gonna give 2 of you lot chance to win a copy of our Teeology book, that’s a limited edition hand numbered book worth £25 for nowt!

So to win, all you’ve gotta do is take all your clothes off, take a picture of you running through a public space, most embarrassing/sexually arousing one wins.

We kid, we kid. Just answer the following question…

AnyForty released a tee with brilliant Japanese artist Loworks way back in our first Versus range.

What colour was the tee?

For our long time followers this will be a piece of piss, any new fans, get your google game on, there are a few colourways on there but only one ever got made.

Feeling lucky? Email your answers to sup(at) with your full name and postal address.

Winners will be picked on sunday night UK time and unveiled on this right here blog. Oh yes oh yay.

We gone. Ta ra

AnyForty Sports Comp Update: Deadline Approaching!!

September 29, 2010

First up, thanks to everyone who’s got entries in so far. The competition officially ends tomorrow and we’ve a lot of entries to print out and judge! We’ve had some great designs in and thanks to everyone for putting the effort in 🙂

We’re going to look at all designs and decide who are the winners, then instead of unveling all instantly on here, we’ll do the unveil when the actual tee’s have been printed and are in our hands. Exciting!!

So keep those fingers crossed, late October you may well see your design printed up on our tees!

We’ll be in touch on the day to get your address/details so we can send your prizes to you.

Once we’ve unveiled we’ll also show a selection of the other entries.

If you haven’t yet got a entry in, check this link out and pull a all nighter!


August 24, 2010

Roll up, roll up, here’s your chance to get a break, flex your mad pen skills and win a whole load of AnyForty goodies at the same time.

As you know AnyForty are well known for working with big name illustrators from around the globe, but we want to give opportunity to those of you might not have had chance to catch a break in the industry to show what you can do and show you can compete with the world famous 123Klan’s and McFaul studio’s of this world. Anyone’s free to enter though. No matter if you’re well known or a newbie. Get involved!

So here’s the jist…

Basically, ever since we were nippers we’ve been fan’s of US sports in general, so Basketball, American Football, Ice Hockey etc… being fans of those sports and also being obsessed with design and illustration we couldn’t escape being obsessed with the logo’s and branding of some of those teams.

So here’s where you come in, we’re gonna give two of you lucky pups chance to cook up a illo for a tee. You can use up to 5 colours to create a logo illustration for our very own fictional sports team. That’s a complete illustration with mascot, text, the lot.

There’ll be 7 fictional teams to chose from to create branding for,  2 winning pieces will be printed up as part of a future limited edition run of only 40 Sports Pack tee’s. Complete with name of the team on the back and number 40 all those slick details (don’t worry about those, we’ll sort them nearer the time) that are on US sports jersey’s.

The final piece will need to have illustrated name and type of the team, aswell as a mascot(s).

If you’re one of the two winners you’ll get your illustration printed up on a tee and will have your name in the AnyForty hall of fame alongside all the big dogs as well as a pack of 5 screenprints from our recent Versus Exhibition and a a batch of tee’s to give to friends and fam.

Deadline is September 30th and you need to email your final entries as a illustrator ai file to

Balls in your court now, load up illustrator, get those sketch books out and wow us all!

Here’s the 7 teams you can choose from to illustrate. The name of the team should be biggest, AnyForty smaller.


Here’s some examples of the sort of thing we mean. If you’ve any questions drop us a email at

Closing date for entries will be Thursday 30th September. A select panel of AnyForty Versus collaborators will help judge the final piece. You can enter as many times or do as many different teams as you want. But please remember we’re all about quality and skill over here. Take your time and impress us!

You can grab our logo’s from here if you want to include them in your design.

Good luck!