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AnyForty Snapbacks… Update

August 1, 2011

A quick update on our snap backs, they’re all finished, just going through packaging and process stage and will be shipped to us for a next week arrival!!

Here’s some pics from the factory of the hats before they’ve been assembled…

It’s a keyring ting!!

June 27, 2011

Just got some better pics of the keyrings, looking fan-fucking-tastic, backs pretty much have a mirror finish, each keyring weighs in about 30 grams so feels real solid product. We’re very happy with these! Just waiting on the snap back samples then these will all be delivered to us in the same order. So coming probably late July!


Teeology, 2008 – 2010 AnyForty Archive

August 30, 2010

Just something i’ve been playing around with today, but really liking the idea of dropping a AnyForty coffee book type artwork archive.

What’s everyone saying? Who’d cop? Would be a super small run, collectors only thingaling!

Sneak Peak. WIP AnyForty Refix Range…

August 5, 2010

Here’s a sneak peak at some designs we’re playing around with for a possible refix range,. It’s basically a tee from our previous  range reworked in a new colourway. and released at a random stage throughout the year, no autumn/winter/spring/summer range to work to, you check the store one day and it’s just there!!!

None of the designs shown or colourways are finalized, just leaking some ideas for your eyes.

Are there any tee’s we’ve done that you’d really like to see in a new colourway?

Always grinding…

May 17, 2009

Even though the Versus range has only been on sale for a few weeks we’re still on the grind and working on more designs constantlty, here’s one we’re starting to cook up on a rainy sunday, can you tell what it’s gonna be?