Join the AnyForty Famalama and win stuff yo!

July 25, 2011

You read it right, stand the chance to win free stuff  just by uploading a pic of you repping the big Four-Oh onto our new Flickr group, couldn’t be easier.

We’ll look in on the group on the 14th August and pick out 2 lucky winners of Versus 4 tee’s, and after that will reward family with free goodies/discount codes etc… So don’t be shy, get that camera out and join the family!

You can add as many pics as you want, long as you’re repping one of our products!


Little Monday gift… Free iPhone wallpapers!!

July 11, 2011

As it’s Monday and probably the most depressing day of the week, we’ve cooked up some iPhone 4 ready wallpapers from the new range to put a smile on your melons. Feel free to grab them, stick them on your phone, share them with mates, print them out and stick them on your cats arse, whatever floats your boat!

For all you non iPhone users, hold back your tears and messages crying that we haven’t made any Raspberry or Andreaoid versions, we’ve made these as crops of the artwork so sure you can crop them to fit! 😉

Click on the images below, and save them direct to your phone!

Remember, the new range is currently live on the store!

AnyForty 3DA Snap Backs… Sample pics!

July 6, 2011

Just got some samples back for our upcoming short run of snap backs…

The lids come with oversized 3D embroidered uppercase A on the front, and embroidered AnyForty script on the rear 3/4 to the left of the snappers. Complimentary colourways on the snappers and rear embroidery, and contrasting silky satin interiors that’ll feel amazing. Few tiny tweaks to do before full production run but we thought you’d like to see them!

3 colourways of only 50 hats each will be available…

Here’s a closer look at the purple hat, with turquoise detailing…

And check out the interiors of the two other hats…

Grey hat with orange satin interior.

Black hat with red satin interior.

Full set on sale soon!!!

AnyForty Versus 4 Look book “Summer in Salford” by Tom Hull

June 30, 2011

Been a busy few days, but since our new Versus 4 stock arrived on monday, we’ve unpacked, filled it away, stockchecked, filled wholesale orders, did a full photoshoot for the website and produced this look book. Now to rest for 4 hours 50 minutes before the range actually goes on sale. Sheeeesh…

Here’s some grabs from the look book and you can hit up here to see it in full! Hope you like it, Summer in Salford!



Models needed for Wednesday 29th Shoot in Manchester!

June 28, 2011

How do peoples, quick shout out. Got a new photoshoot for the new Versus range happening tomorrow and we’re looking for a few more models.

Take a look at one of our previous snaps below, If you reckon you’d fit into the aesthetics of our brand and can rock a size small or medium tee then drop us a email to with a picture of your self and we’ll get back to you.

There’s a free tee in it for you and your chance to get archived in the AnyForty history books. The shoot will run from probably 6.30pm – 9pm latest, shot round Salford Quays.




June 27, 2011

That’s right folks, today we took delivery of the brand new Versus 4 range, just need to unpack it all, get wholesale orders packed and dispatched, then professionally photographed and put on the store!

Hopefully be available for you lot to buy from Friday. BIGNESS

It’s a keyring ting!!

June 27, 2011

Just got some better pics of the keyrings, looking fan-fucking-tastic, backs pretty much have a mirror finish, each keyring weighs in about 30 grams so feels real solid product. We’re very happy with these! Just waiting on the snap back samples then these will all be delivered to us in the same order. So coming probably late July!


AnyForty accessories… Keyrings

June 24, 2011

So the first of our future planned accessories range is back in sample form and fuck a duck it looks superb!!! AnyForty metal keyrings. Real, real sick! Excuse the pic below, not the best but you can see how lovely they be looking yo!

Versus 4 range… secret extra 8th drop!

June 19, 2011

So if you’re a regular you’ll know over the last month we’ve been leading up to the drop of Versus 4 which we are aiming to have on sale a week on monday.

Well we’ve shown you all 7 designs, but we kept one hidden. Sort of like a secret easter egg drop, this 8th tee is going to be photographed with the rest of the range and then put on store next week.
So you guys will have to wait for the full unveil to see what it is or who it’s by!

Little clue, it’s by a AnyForty artist who’s already done a tee before!

However until then, check out this slither of a sneak peek and see if you can guess who did it?!

£5 Mega sale?! We must be absolutely sick in the head…

June 17, 2011

We must be absolutely sick in the head, because just before this new range drops, we’re gonna clear the shelves of random tee’s.

Over the last 3 1/2 years we’ve amassed some piles of left over stock, be it 1 size small of a MegaMunden tee we’ve sold out of the rest of them, or 2 medium OG icon tees.

So to clear it out we’re offering a random tee to you for £5.

There’s a load of classics in there, gold flake 2 Years Strong, 2 Steven Bonners, 2 MegaMundens, 3 JamFactorys, 1 Niark1, 1 Sereo, 2 Urban Industry collabo’s, and some rare as fuck icon tee’s. Plenty bargains and rarities to grab.

It’s a absolute steal of the fucking century, selling them for less than it costs us to make them. Is pure stupidity but we need the space!

No refunds on this one, if you get a tee you’ve already got or don’t like, give it to someone for christmas. £5, can’t go wrong, cheap presents!

Don’t miss out, grab a bargain today. You could grab one of these beauties which is rarer than a 2011 British Summer.