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Versus 2.5 Range: FULL UNVEIL

October 19, 2010

So if you’ve been following the twitter feed you’ll of seen various sneak peaks of different stages/colourways of some of our new range tees. But now, we’re proud to unveil the full set in one go. It’s our biggest yet. Instead of the normal 6 we’re hitting you off with 8. Including the 2 artist competition winners.

So take a peak at the range below, and get those pennies ready for the early November on sale date!

Now you’ve seen them all spread the word, there’s no other brand out there dropping fucking gems like these. NONE!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 13 is…

May 12, 2010

Unlucky for some, artist number 13 is Brighton based illustrator and someone who’s been on our radar for tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime blud, ladies and gents, check out our man Elliott Grubb aka Another Example!! Elliott’s another member of the two job crew, joining other hard working fellas (including our fine selves) who hold down a day job and work there nuts off on a evening on there own ting. Take a peak below at some of Elliott’s sick work, he’s a site but it’s under development and he’s currently building up a impressive client list including the like’s of Nike, Levi’s, McFaul Studio, 55DSL and Reading Festival. He’s definitely someone you’ll be seeing us collaborating more with in the future.