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UNVEILED!! AnyForty x J3Concepts leather embossed wallets!

March 25, 2011

Right, do us a favour, you get paid the next few days yeah, well take £25 out of your pay slip, hide it under a book, inside your sisters stuffed toy or cellotape it to your face because in about 3 weeks we’ll hopefully have a limited run of sick in the mouth leather wallets on our store designed by the brilliant Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts and you’re gonna want one. SO SAVE SOME CASH MONEY, DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL Y’ALL!

Anyway, must calm down, these wallets will feature this artwork…

Fully embossed front and back on 100 black leather wallets and 100 brown leather wallets. We’re using the finest leather that has probably not come from one of the cows in Kanye West’s recent G.O.O.D Farm project. Where all the cows wear Air Yeezy’s and are fed a diet of courvoisier and fields of grass that are grown on the moon.

This leather is smoother than a new born baby’s arse and better quality than a David Beckham free kick.

Got some nice touches planned for packaging too.

These are limited to 200 pieces in total and will fly out the door. We’ll be getting the first Pre Production sample back from Hong Kong in the next week or so, so we’ll post some update pics.

Ohh did we mention we’re also celebrating the launch of our first accessory item with a matching tee? No well take a look at this fucking beauty below…

Spread the word our pretties!