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AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 19 is…

June 1, 2010

It gives us great pleasure to announce the final artist from the Versus exhib as our good mate’s repping Barcelona, Spain. Bow your heads in respect, and put your hands together for the sick duo VanilaBCN!!

Check out there amazing work below and hit up there site for more goodness.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 17 is…

May 27, 2010

Number 17 is a up and coming artist repping Bristol, put your hands together for Alex Campbell! Alex has got such a quality handrawn/graffiti style to his work, it’s massively refreshing to see young guns coming out trying to do something different. Too many mans coming out biting other people’s styles. So for that Alex, we salute you! Keep hustling kidda. Take a peak at Alex’s site here and check out some of his work below!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 16 is…

May 26, 2010

We’re nearly at the end of the unveils, just a handful of talented fellas left to go! But each one is as sick as the last. Next up, another new face to the AnyForty family but a regular in exhibitions all over the shop. Hailing from Yorkshire we’d like to introduce the super sick all rounder Mr Gauky! When he’s not painting bonkers scenes on walls, he’s found creating equally sick stuff digitally. Take a peak at some of his work and go looksie at his site here!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 15 is…

May 25, 2010

Over the last few weeks told you over and over again we aren’t fucking around with putting on the best show we can. Got a lot of UK heavyweights come through with pieces for this exhibition, but we’ve been holding one card close to our chests. Legends and a massive inspiration to many (including us) ladies and gentleman, take a seat, and let us introduce the world famous… Scien & Klor aka 123 KLAN into the AnyForty family!!!! As per norm, check out a few bits of there work below and hit up there site for more. Although shame on you if it’s not already bookmarked!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 9 is…

May 8, 2010

So we’re about a month away from the exhibition now and the artist unveiling continues, artist number 9 is one of the sickest overseas artists we’ve ever worked with, coming from Paris and displaying incredible illustration tekkers is our man iLK!! Check out some of his bonkers illustrated type led pieces below, dudes got the sickest colour combinations around, we can’t wait to see what he cooks up for the Versus exhib. Check his website out for more magic! We out…

AnyForty sponsors Motion’s Hog Jam

March 19, 2010

We’re proud to help promote a event we’ve got involved with our good mate Mitch on over at Motion in Bristol. Taking place on Saturday 27th March from 12pm till late as fook, come along and see some of Bristol’s finest BMX kids go head to head in pro and amateur comps. For more info check out the flyers below! We’ll be donating tee’s for prizes for the comps and we’ll be there guerrilla style slanging tee’s out of a holdall so come along and pick up a bargain!

howies & McFaul Studio present A Beautiful Machine

March 17, 2010

We were contacted by our good mates over at McFaul studio asking us to take part in a event there curating with clothing brand howies. The brief was to design some artwork that contained the phrase “A Beautiful Machine” and had something to do with the thing we all love, bicycles. The Artwork is to go on display and will be sold of, with all procedes going to the Haiti fund.

The art work could be any size and the only rule was the finished piece has to be printed and framed.

As we’re trying to run this streetwear tee game thought it’d only be right to design a 1 of 1 tee and get it framed and hung in the howies bristol gallery for the event. The tee will be finished to our normal high standards, complete with swing tags and neck tags.

We cooked up this simple, yet punch graphic tee in partnership with White Duck Screen printing, we designed the tee tonight and there working there magic and printing it up for us tomorrow. That’s how fast we both work! Check it out below. Went for a metallic gold and white print, with chest graphic and sleeve details.

If you’re interested in the event here’s some info on it. We’ll be down there so hope to see you there too. Ohh also howies are going to pick 10 of the artworks to turn into there own range. How about a howies x AnyForty hook up? Wait and see, got all these other artists to compete against!!! Lot of AnyForty family up in there too 😉

A Beautiful Machine is a two week event curated by John McFaul/McFaulStudio and howies, at the howies Bristol store. Its remit is purely and simply to inspire. It will launch on Friday 26th March and end on Friday April 9th and during that fortnight will include 5 evenings of talks, one bicycle treasure hunt on the first weekend and the possibility (it will happen) of a critical mass meet on the last sunday. There are 80 or more artists involved from around the Globe and 15 amazing speakers at this time. We have a blog about to go live week beginning Monday 8th, twitter, Vimeo and Flickr all ready to go. All artwork will be for sale and each of the evening talks ticketed at £5. All money will be going to Save the Children – Haiti Earthquake Appeal.