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Teaser trailer for the Versus Exhibition!

June 3, 2010

First up it’s not the most technical video, more like a slide show t’music but gives you a idea of the sort of thing we’re gonna bring to the table with this exhibition.

Click the link and get a feel for what’s coming!

P.S The track that’s playing is Requiem Of The Gods (Featuring Orifice Vulgatron, Mr Ti2bs, Dynamite MC & Harry Shotta) (Deckwrecka Remix) and can be found on Skitz new double cd “Sticksman” album.


AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 17 is…

May 27, 2010

Number 17 is a up and coming artist repping Bristol, put your hands together for Alex Campbell! Alex has got such a quality handrawn/graffiti style to his work, it’s massively refreshing to see young guns coming out trying to do something different. Too many mans coming out biting other people’s styles. So for that Alex, we salute you! Keep hustling kidda. Take a peak at Alex’s site here and check out some of his work below!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 16 is…

May 26, 2010

We’re nearly at the end of the unveils, just a handful of talented fellas left to go! But each one is as sick as the last. Next up, another new face to the AnyForty family but a regular in exhibitions all over the shop. Hailing from Yorkshire we’d like to introduce the super sick all rounder Mr Gauky! When he’s not painting bonkers scenes on walls, he’s found creating equally sick stuff digitally. Take a peak at some of his work and go looksie at his site here!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 15 is…

May 25, 2010

Over the last few weeks told you over and over again we aren’t fucking around with putting on the best show we can. Got a lot of UK heavyweights come through with pieces for this exhibition, but we’ve been holding one card close to our chests. Legends and a massive inspiration to many (including us) ladies and gentleman, take a seat, and let us introduce the world famous… Scien & Klor aka 123 KLAN into the AnyForty family!!!! As per norm, check out a few bits of there work below and hit up there site for more. Although shame on you if it’s not already bookmarked!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 14 is…

May 24, 2010

Took a bit of a break from the artist unveils but we’re back like the opposite of ya chest with unveil number 14. Taking 14th spot in no particular order is the stupid nice and very good mate of ours Jeffrey Bowman aka Mr Bowlegs. Another artist who smashed the Versus 2 range with his design. Take a peak at some of his work below and hit up his site to see more sickness than a hospital waiting room.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 13 is…

May 12, 2010

Unlucky for some, artist number 13 is Brighton based illustrator and someone who’s been on our radar for tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime blud, ladies and gents, check out our man Elliott Grubb aka Another Example!! Elliott’s another member of the two job crew, joining other hard working fellas (including our fine selves) who hold down a day job and work there nuts off on a evening on there own ting. Take a peak below at some of Elliott’s sick work, he’s a site but it’s under development and he’s currently building up a impressive client list including the like’s of Nike, Levi’s, McFaul Studio, 55DSL and Reading Festival. He’s definitely someone you’ll be seeing us collaborating more with in the future.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 12 is…

May 12, 2010

The artists keep coming thick and fast, number 12 is a new mate of ours, hailing from Australia, we introduce to you Timba Smits! Check out Timba’s work below and hit up his site to find out all about him and all about his pie covered fingers*! Respect bro.

*Much like ourselves, Timba has fingers in many pies. check out Lyrics & Type and Woodern Toy.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 11 is…

May 11, 2010

Artist number 11 is part of the upcoming Versus 2 range and is one of our favourite artists around, and it’s all so much sweeter he’s a local. Repping Bristol, lads and lasses put your paint covered hands together for 45RPM!!!

Check out his work below, and take a peak at his site for more goodness. Still can’t get over how sick our man draws owls. You need a original owl canvas in your collection. Check out his online shop and get one on your walls.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 10 is…

May 10, 2010

Artist number 10 of the Versus Exhibition see’s us connect with another new face. Guy McKinley a stupid nice illustrator from Manchester, UK. Guy’s site’s under construction at the moment but when it’s up I urge you to get it bookmarked. Great artist with a unique style! Check out some of his gems below… as you can tell loving his Dead Girl characters. Absolutely next level!

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 8 is…

May 7, 2010

Fuck it as i’ve had a few nights off,  I’m gonna drop two artist reveals in one night! Artist number 8 is Jonny Wan, a relatively newcomer based in Sheffield who has a real unique style of using shapes and patterns to create facial structures, he’s a young fella who definitely has a lot of potential! Check out below to see some of his sick illo’s and keep an eye on his website as i’m sure he’ll have a lot more brilliant work popping up soon!