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June 10, 2011

We know you’re all waiting on the new Versus drop, but we though fuck it, it’s been over 6 months since the last AnyForty tee dropped, so while the new range is being made, why not give you something limited edition to get on your backs right now!

That’s the joy of being a independent brand, you don’t have to stick to set times to drop new stuff. Just drop a gem on em whenever you want.

So this beaut of a design is from the magic hands of Joshua Smith aka Hydro 74, it’s a script called Ghetto Wolves and it’s onsale now with only 40 pieces printed.

Big ups the homey Rick Nunn for the amazing photography again!



40 Tee’s filed away in the stockroom ready to find new homes. Go get em kids!!

Sneak peak sample of upcoming sweats for Winter 09.

October 8, 2009

As above, fresh of the sample line, some trick heat treated vinyl logo’d up sweats. Just checking on size, fit and quality and they’ve all passed with flying pantones. Just a simple print of the Hydro 74 take on our logo, Now onto designing some trick little touches for them and into a tiny limited run for winter 09, You like?!


Ohh we forgot to mention that these sweats are going to include some special one off customer orders, so you can choose what colour sweat you want, and you could be the only person to be rocking one. As we’re only going to make them up once, and once only!