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Teaser trailer for the Versus Exhibition!

June 3, 2010

First up it’s not the most technical video, more like a slide show t’music but gives you a idea of the sort of thing we’re gonna bring to the table with this exhibition.

Click the link and get a feel for what’s coming!

P.S The track that’s playing is Requiem Of The Gods (Featuring Orifice Vulgatron, Mr Ti2bs, Dynamite MC & Harry Shotta) (Deckwrecka Remix) and can be found on Skitz new double cd “Sticksman” album.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 1 is…

April 29, 2010

Well, we’re officially nuts deep organizing the very first AnyForty Versus exhibition, we’ll be announcing a venue next week and hopefully a few event sponsors!

We’ve 18 artists taking place in total and over the next 18 days in no particular order we’ll announce exactly who they are!

There’ll be a lot of familiar AnyForty faces but we’ve some new artists getting on board for this exhibition. First up we’d like to introduce you to the first of the brand new artists getting down, and a fucking brilliant one at that. Introducing… Mr Matt W Moore aka MWM Graphics!! Take a peak at some of his work below and check out his site to see more of his multi coloured lovelyness!!

We respect your hustle sir and thanks so much for being down!!! Big up ya bad self and we can’t wait to see what madness you bring to the brief!

Keep your eyes peeled to the blog tomorrow when we’ll announce another very talented artist who’s agreed to get down for a good cause, till then, I’m out!