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Versus 2.5 Range: FULL UNVEIL

October 19, 2010

So if you’ve been following the twitter feed you’ll of seen various sneak peaks of different stages/colourways of some of our new range tees. But now, we’re proud to unveil the full set in one go. It’s our biggest yet. Instead of the normal 6 we’re hitting you off with 8. Including the 2 artist competition winners.

So take a peak at the range below, and get those pennies ready for the early November on sale date!

Now you’ve seen them all spread the word, there’s no other brand out there dropping fucking gems like these. NONE!

Teaser trailer for the Versus Exhibition!

June 3, 2010

First up it’s not the most technical video, more like a slide show t’music but gives you a idea of the sort of thing we’re gonna bring to the table with this exhibition.

Click the link and get a feel for what’s coming!

P.S The track that’s playing is Requiem Of The Gods (Featuring Orifice Vulgatron, Mr Ti2bs, Dynamite MC & Harry Shotta) (Deckwrecka Remix) and can be found on Skitz new double cd “Sticksman” album.

AnyForty Versus Exhibition. Artist number 7 is…

May 7, 2010

So I went a bit hard on this exhibition planning and wore my self out a bit, what with the day job and the AnyForty job in evenings, the 18 hour days took it out me a bit, so took a few evenings off to rest wor eyes. Now i’m back like uncooked chicken in the middle of the night. Take a peak at artist number 7, the man, the machine, the all round nicest guy in illustration and AnyForty’s good friend Chris Malbon!! Take a look at some of his whacked out work from his SOS series. And get those eye drops out to clense your eyes ready for the final piece you’ll see at the show. Because i’m sure once you see it you’ll struggle to take your eyes off it and them shits will dry the fuck up!!