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£5 Mega sale?! We must be absolutely sick in the head…

June 17, 2011

We must be absolutely sick in the head, because just before this new range drops, we’re gonna clear the shelves of random tee’s.

Over the last 3 1/2 years we’ve amassed some piles of left over stock, be it 1 size small of a MegaMunden tee we’ve sold out of the rest of them, or 2 medium OG icon tees.

So to clear it out we’re offering a random tee to you for £5.

There’s a load of classics in there, gold flake 2 Years Strong, 2 Steven Bonners, 2 MegaMundens, 3 JamFactorys, 1 Niark1, 1 Sereo, 2 Urban Industry collabo’s, and some rare as fuck icon tee’s. Plenty bargains and rarities to grab.

It’s a absolute steal of the fucking century, selling them for less than it costs us to make them. Is pure stupidity but we need the space!

No refunds on this one, if you get a tee you’ve already got or don’t like, give it to someone for christmas. £5, can’t go wrong, cheap presents!

Don’t miss out, grab a bargain today. You could grab one of these beauties which is rarer than a 2011 British Summer.