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AnyForty 3DA snapbacks lookbook online now!

August 12, 2011

You know we don’t fuck around over here at AnyForty towers!

We took delivery of our snapbacks on Tuesday, by Thursday night we’d done a brilliant shoot at Media City in Manchester (thankyou Jebus for keeping the rain away, and thank you Manchester Po Po for keeping the rioting scum away!!) and by Friday lunch time we’ve updated the store with new products, and designed a bootiful lookbook which you can see for yourselves on issue by clicking the below pic. No time like the present and all that shite.

Thanks to the homey Rick Nunn for the sick photography and big up the models, Purdi, Linzi, Danny and Kane, thanks for braving a slightly chilly Manc night and enjoy your new clobber, looks great on you all! So yeah, enough words, click the pic below, click full screen and enjoy some great pics. Once your done hit up the shop here and cop a lid!


Killer A crew shoot by Rick Nunn

April 16, 2011

We’ve just worked with a photographer we’ve wanted to work with for a long time, Rick Nunn‘s been a AnyForty supporter since the jump off and we’ve seen his photography come on a long way in a stupid short space of time. We know Rick’s a fan of our more subtle products so we thought he’d be the perfect man to shoot AND model our new product with this slick self portrait. Rick’s done a absolutely fucking great job of the shoot, we’re never a fan of not getting chance to art direct the shoot ourselves, but we were struck down with a Gut bug and the shoot needed doing, but Rick smashed it, and earns his stripes as the latest member of the AnyForty family! Check out the pic below that we’ll be sending out as press for the new crews, which if your a observant type you’ll of noticed it is available this coming Wednesday! Feel free to rob the pic and use on your own blog. All bless!