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AnyFor-tee Loves T-world… NEW ISSUE COMING!!!

August 24, 2011

So I admit it, we were late to discover T-world Magazine, the world’s only T-shirt journal, we first picked up issue 6 while in Magma book store in Manchester late last summer and we we’re absolutely blown away by it.

Ever since we’ve become great friends with the main man Eddie Zammit and have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the next issue since we got word on it a few months back, it’s taken a while but looks like that wait has been worth it, Eddie and the team have ripped the mag apart and came out with a slick new look and the content looks absolutely jaw dropping with a full issue dedicated to the New York Tee scene, that’s icon’s like Reed Space, Supreme, Zoo Yorks, even legends like Milton Glazier break down his I Love New York tee.

Check out the tee-ser video for the new issue below, and get some coin ready to cop it, also inside you’ll even see our very first AnyForty full page advertisement, hell if you’re gonna take the leap and invest in some advertisement, why not do it in the mag the whole fucking industry’s going to be holding in there hands!

Front Magazine

August 16, 2011

Much love to Front Magazine, for there recent support of AnyForty.

We need mags and blogs support to help us get out there, after all we can make the sickest products in the world but if people don’t see it, they don’t know about them. Like that whole if the Pope shits in the woods, does the owl hear him?!

We were featured in last months issue with our wallets, and now our sick new snapbacks have been included on the homepage of the Front site!

Click the pic to hit the site up. Big ups to Front and everyone else who’s showing support to the big Fo’ Oh!

UNVEILED!! AnyForty x J3Concepts leather embossed wallets!

March 25, 2011

Right, do us a favour, you get paid the next few days yeah, well take £25 out of your pay slip, hide it under a book, inside your sisters stuffed toy or cellotape it to your face because in about 3 weeks we’ll hopefully have a limited run of sick in the mouth leather wallets on our store designed by the brilliant Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts and you’re gonna want one. SO SAVE SOME CASH MONEY, DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL Y’ALL!

Anyway, must calm down, these wallets will feature this artwork…

Fully embossed front and back on 100 black leather wallets and 100 brown leather wallets. We’re using the finest leather that has probably not come from one of the cows in Kanye West’s recent G.O.O.D Farm project. Where all the cows wear Air Yeezy’s and are fed a diet of courvoisier and fields of grass that are grown on the moon.

This leather is smoother than a new born baby’s arse and better quality than a David Beckham free kick.

Got some nice touches planned for packaging too.

These are limited to 200 pieces in total and will fly out the door. We’ll be getting the first Pre Production sample back from Hong Kong in the next week or so, so we’ll post some update pics.

Ohh did we mention we’re also celebrating the launch of our first accessory item with a matching tee? No well take a look at this fucking beauty below…

Spread the word our pretties!


AnyForty Teeology now stocked in Magma, Manchester!

January 20, 2011

That’s right, all you North West AnyForty fam can now stroll on into the sick bookstore Magma in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and cop a copy of our Teeology book for £12.50. That’s the same price as on our store but you save postage costs!

AnyForty at Margin London Tradeshow…

August 2, 2010

So, we’ve been steadily growing for the last 2 1/2 years but we decided now was the time to smash the piggy bank open and invest in what’s easily the most influential streetwear shows the UK has to offer to try and get us a lil more brick and mortar store coverage. So we hollered at our man Odysseas over at Margin, parted with a carrier bag full of cash money dollar dollar bill y’all, took the plunge and booked our slot.

Saturday, crack of dawnin’ and we jumped on the train from Bath to London and headed to the Music Rooms next to Bond Street tube station with a bag full of our products, some prints, a foam board AnyForty logo, a small forest worth of printed promo gear to set up for the Sunday and Monday shows.

The show saw us exhibiting alongside some big boy brands like Obey, WESC, Gravis, Duffy’s and Silas amongst many others, we met plenty cool new people, was introduced to some sick new upstart brands and scored some frankly amazing new stores to add to our dealers list alongside long time AnyForty supporters Urban Industry and Focus Skate Store.

We’re super stoked with the new stores that got onboard train AnyForty and we’ll introduce you to them real soon, but till then take a peak at some pics from the event. We’re knackered from 3 days hustling and can’t be arsed to type anything else so we’re out now… Inabityo!!!