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AnyForty x Ripe Digital… THE PRINT XYNDICATE. LIVE NOW!!!!!

June 1, 2011

We’ve teamed up with some good mates of ours and the official digital AnyForty printers Ripe Digital to give you all the chance of buying limited run Giclee prints of your favourite AnyForty artists personal work.

It’s just gone live now with a selection of work from Steven Bonner, The SickSystems, 45RPM, VanillaBCN and RichT.

Prices range from £30 for a gorgeous A3 print to £60 for a massive A1 wall filling print.

Click the image to hit the store up. No excuse  now not to rep AnyForty artists on your backs and your walls!

AnyForty x Ripe Digital… The Print Xyndicate

October 28, 2010

We’re rubbish with keeping secrets, so we can’t keep the cat in the wheely bin about this new business venture for too much longer. Especially as we’re off to the states for a week tomorrow. So here it is!!!

We’ve teamed up with Ripe Digital to launch a new on demand printing service for all our AnyForty family, gives the guys chance to sell limited edition runs of there personal artworks without having to do a single thing. No getting the prints done themselves, no storing them in boxes under the bed, no unsold prints, no trips mingling with the grannies and tramps in the post office. No fucking grief!

You buy a print, we print it, we trim it, we package it, we post it. We pay em. Job done yo!

So take a look at The Print Xyndicate , follow us on Twitter and spread the word that on Thursday 26th November you can hit the store up and buy  personal prints from all your favourite AnyForty artists, including Jam Factory, Waste, iLK, Vanila BCN, Another Example, RichT, 45 RPM and a whole heap load more stunning artists. There’s no where else in the UK you can go and buy amazing quality giclee prints from artists of this caliber, no where!

Like we’ve always said, Worst comes to worst our people come first. ANYFORTY FAMILY FOR LIFE!!!!!!