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AnyForty Versus 4 Look book “Summer in Salford” by Tom Hull

June 30, 2011

Been a busy few days, but since our new Versus 4 stock arrived on monday, we’ve unpacked, filled it away, stockchecked, filled wholesale orders, did a full photoshoot for the website and produced this look book. Now to rest for 4 hours 50 minutes before the range actually goes on sale. Sheeeesh…

Here’s some grabs from the look book and you can hit up here to see it in full! Hope you like it, Summer in Salford!




June 27, 2011

That’s right folks, today we took delivery of the brand new Versus 4 range, just need to unpack it all, get wholesale orders packed and dispatched, then professionally photographed and put on the store!

Hopefully be available for you lot to buy from Friday. BIGNESS

Versus 4 range… secret extra 8th drop!

June 19, 2011

So if you’re a regular you’ll know over the last month we’ve been leading up to the drop of Versus 4 which we are aiming to have on sale a week on monday.

Well we’ve shown you all 7 designs, but we kept one hidden. Sort of like a secret easter egg drop, this 8th tee is going to be photographed with the rest of the range and then put on store next week.
So you guys will have to wait for the full unveil to see what it is or who it’s by!

Little clue, it’s by a AnyForty artist who’s already done a tee before!

However until then, check out this slither of a sneak peek and see if you can guess who did it?!

Versus 4: AnyForty x Johanna Basford

June 6, 2011

Another night, another unveil and one day closer to actually being able to buy these tee’s!

Next design comes from the  brilliant Johanna Basford and we’re over the moon to invite another super talented lady into the AnyForty family and she hasn’t let us down, done a absolutely stunning inkylicious design that will be hand printed on a crisp white tee. Slick!

Versus 4: AnyForty x Waste

June 3, 2011

Yes yes yes, the unveil’s continue, next to the plate, one of the original AnyForty famalama, from Nottingham, ladies and gentleman give it up for Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssstte!!!! Coming on a athletic grey tee with dousings of baby blue and blood red ink, it’s gonna fly off the shelves.
Is this better than the original design they did for us is 09? Too close to call, it’s certainly sicker than a Gary Glitter x Josef Fritzl babysitting service, we’ll tell you that. What do you think? Has the Waste clan outdid themselves with there reup?



Versus 4: AnyForty x Yup

May 24, 2011

So as promised last night, here’s design number 1, first of 7 new designs that will be gracing tee’s in Summer’s Versus 4 drop.
By Mr Paulo Arraiano aka Yup 
Hoping to have these on sale by mid June so you can rock some sick new AnyForty in the summer sun!

AnyForty Versus 4 Range… Full Unveil!!!

May 23, 2011

It’s been 6 months since our last range dropped and it’s time to get some fresh AnyForty clobber on your backs.
Soooooooooo over the next 7 days we’re going to unveil one design a day… starting tomorrow!
So make sure you hit the blog up tomorrow night to see the first design from the seven that make the full range up, first one we’re going to show you is by  the incredibly sick Paulo Arraiano aka YUP!


Sneak peek – Printing process!

November 11, 2010

Now, everyone loves getting a sneak look at something your not meant to or don’t normally see. So take a peak below at the Jack & Mac competition winners design being printed, by the super talented White Duck. Dope on a fucking rope! Thanks to Bex for the stunning pics 🙂