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Versus 4: AnyForty x Waste

June 3, 2011

Yes yes yes, the unveil’s continue, next to the plate, one of the original AnyForty famalama, from Nottingham, ladies and gentleman give it up for Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssstte!!!! Coming on a athletic grey tee with dousings of baby blue and blood red ink, it’s gonna fly off the shelves.
Is this better than the original design they did for us is 09? Too close to call, it’s certainly sicker than a Gary Glitter x Josef Fritzl babysitting service, we’ll tell you that. What do you think? Has the Waste clan outdid themselves with there reup?



Versus series 1.5 coming in August Ohh Nine

July 12, 2009

That’s right, you enjoyed the first range of Versus tee’s yeah? The series where we were blessed with designs from Japan’s Loworks, Russia’s The SickSystems and Bristol’s Sereo.
Well we’ve got a treat for you lined up, new collaborations from Niark 1 from France, McFaul and JamFactory from the UK as well as many more. Aswell as possibly some new colourways of some of Series 1 favourites. Watch this space.

Untill the full unveil check out this sneak work in progress peak from our mates over at Waste in Nottingham, who have blessed us with a stupid nice design.



Full series unveil coming real soon….

Rice and peas out!!