Any Forty Versus! Spring/Summer 09 Collection

We’ve put on hold our previous plans of new releases for Spring 2009 on the backburner to hit you off with some real exciting news, announcing the Any Forty Versus Series which see’s Any Forty collaborate with the best graphic designers in the world…

To celebrate the Versus series we’re going to hit you off with 4 different designs from 4 different illustrators/design studios which will be unveiled real soon. We’ve just confirmed collabo’s with the amazing talented peeps below and we’ll have some sneak peaks of them real soon, until then go check out there sites and imagine the sickness that’s about to be unleashed on the streets!

Any Forty Versus McFaul

Any Forty Versus Jam Factory

Any Forty Versus The SickSystems

Any Forty Versus God Machine

Coming soon: Best get them pennies saved because there going to fly of the shelves!



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