Any Forty Competition… Winners!!!

Well, after two weeks and a load of entries it’s time to do the draw to see who win’s what!

We probably didn’t get our good mate Ant of Ant and Dec tv fame (the one with the big forehead) to come round to do the draw, the entrants names were put in a novelty Newcastle Broon Ale shaped Pinata and hit with big fuck off sticks’s until smashing, sending names and shards of brown glass all over the floor. These were the first two we picked up…


And here’s Ryan rocking his winnings!


Ryan Johnson from Manchester wins the first prize of the  Any Forty King Ding-A-Ling™ pack which contains a Versus tee of his choice and a Icon Tee of his choice, and collecting a Silver Medal in the Tee shirt Olympics Iain Primrose of Gateshead collects the Any Forty Budget Baller™ pack which contains a Icon tee of his chouce, also both winners also get a goodie pack of stickers and badges!

Congratulations to the both of you and commiserations to the guys who didn’t win, we appreciate you entering though so you’ll be getting a discount code in the email so you can cop a funky fresh tee at some lovely discountaaaaay.

Any Forty, the brand that never stops giving 😉

Rice and peace out!!!


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