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AnyForty 3DA Snap Backs… Sample pics!

July 6, 2011

Just got some samples back for our upcoming short run of snap backs…

The lids come with oversized 3D embroidered uppercase A on the front, and embroidered AnyForty script on the rear 3/4 to the left of the snappers. Complimentary colourways on the snappers and rear embroidery, and contrasting silky satin interiors that’ll feel amazing. Few tiny tweaks to do before full production run but we thought you’d like to see them!

3 colourways of only 50 hats each will be available…

Here’s a closer look at the purple hat, with turquoise detailing…

And check out the interiors of the two other hats…

Grey hat with orange satin interior.

Black hat with red satin interior.

Full set on sale soon!!!


AnyForty accessories… Keyrings

June 24, 2011

So the first of our future planned accessories range is back in sample form and fuck a duck it looks superb!!! AnyForty metal keyrings. Real, real sick! Excuse the pic below, not the best but you can see how lovely they be looking yo!

Versus 4: AnyForty x J3Concepts

June 2, 2011

Another day another unveil, so here’s the next design from Versus 4, after the success of our J3 wallets you know we had to reup quickly with the man Jared Nickerson aka J3 Concepts. So here we are, a matching tee that will *complement your wallet.

Will also be a limited run of wallet and tee combination packs that we will sell for £48.

*Small AnyForty fact, these tee’s were meant to drop the same time as the wallets, but due to the lack of funds after making the wallets we had to hold them over for a month or so, that’s how real it gets over here. Independent brands, we bring money in from sales and put it straight back into product, so continue supporting us so we can keep on growing and work with brilliant artists worldwide on sick in the face product that you lot seem to love!

AnyForty uppercase snap backs…

May 30, 2011

So then, if you’re a regular viewer of the blog you’ll of seen us chat about snap backs for probably the last 6 months, well now’s the time we’re dropping our first range. Off to manufacture now, we’re testing the water with a simple, everyday bold collection, we’ve christened the uppercase range, they should be on sale in July. Available in 3 colours… If these are recieved well we’ll drop the first of our artist series hats which will see one of the AnyForty family produce there very own signature snap back!

Here’s a look at the designs for the uppercase range.

Purple with white 3D embroidered uppercase A, with mint accents and contrasting pink interior.

Athletic grey with white 3D embroidered uppercase A, with black accents and contrasting orange interior.

Black with white 3D embroidered uppercase A, with grey accents and contrasting red interior.

AnyForty Versus 4… Sneak Peek yo!

May 8, 2011

We’ve been so busy lately with planning wallets/crew necks/world takeovers that the new range of tee’s has been delayed slightly, but don’t worry, because in a matter of weeks we’ll be dropping the full Versus 4 range featuring a second drop of artwork from a previous AnyForty favourite and 6 new drops from brand new to the family artists. You excited? You should be! Take a peak below at slivers from 4 designs from the new range and see if you can guess who’s involved!

If your a store who currently doesn’t stock us but would like to drop us a email at and get involved with another great range of tee’s!

AnyForty x J3Concepts Leather wallets… update!

April 11, 2011

Well another day and another update on these wallets.

Just got word from our go to guy in Hong Kong that a sample of the wallet has just landed on his desk. Few little things to iron out till it’s signed off and gone into full production but it’s looking pretty damn big in the game!

200 wallets in total, 100 black, 100 broon. What you sayin?!

Here’s the front…

And here’s the back!


AnyForty x J3Concepts wallet update!!!

April 8, 2011

So we’ve talked a few times about these J3Concepts embossed leather wallets we’re getting made, perhaps you thought they’d go the same route as the snap backs, talked about but never materialized due to cash money flow. Well you’d be fucking wrong!!! Check out these pics from the factory in Hong Kong making them, moulded embossing plate, ready to be pressed into the leather. Pre Production Sample landing with our agents in Hong Kong on Monday then shipped across to us in the UK to approve! BIG! Our first non tee product and it’s nearly done.

Oh by the way those long talked about Snap Backs. COMING THIS SUMMER!!!! 2011 THE YEAR OF ANYFORTY MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!

AnyForty x Johanna Basford – Sneak peek!

April 3, 2011

Happy Sunday peoples! So we announced on our Facebook page we’ve binned off the idea of our R3FIX range and decided to create a brand new Versus range for you lucky pups to rock over the Summer. No point looking back, gotta look forward and keep it moving!

We’ve already shown the J3Concepts Wallet and Tee package from Versus 4 range, and we’re letting off one more sneak peek shot in the air for you today, we’re proud to hook up with a new member of the AnyForty Family, our second Scottish representative the sick scribbler Johanna Basford is continuing the tradition of illustrating the AnyForty logo. So take a look below, showing a tiny section of the artwork, beautifully hand drawn by the lady herself. We’ve seen the finished piece and trust us it’s going to fly out of the store! Is a beautiful AnyForty garden that contains many nasty surprises. Full unveil coming in a few weeks!

So that’s J3 Concepts, Johanna Basford dropping Versus 4 designs, who’s next?! All artists are already working on designs but who do you hope is involved?! Drop a comment and let us know!

UNVEILED!! AnyForty x J3Concepts leather embossed wallets!

March 25, 2011

Right, do us a favour, you get paid the next few days yeah, well take £25 out of your pay slip, hide it under a book, inside your sisters stuffed toy or cellotape it to your face because in about 3 weeks we’ll hopefully have a limited run of sick in the mouth leather wallets on our store designed by the brilliant Jared Nickerson aka J3Concepts and you’re gonna want one. SO SAVE SOME CASH MONEY, DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL Y’ALL!

Anyway, must calm down, these wallets will feature this artwork…

Fully embossed front and back on 100 black leather wallets and 100 brown leather wallets. We’re using the finest leather that has probably not come from one of the cows in Kanye West’s recent G.O.O.D Farm project. Where all the cows wear Air Yeezy’s and are fed a diet of courvoisier and fields of grass that are grown on the moon.

This leather is smoother than a new born baby’s arse and better quality than a David Beckham free kick.

Got some nice touches planned for packaging too.

These are limited to 200 pieces in total and will fly out the door. We’ll be getting the first Pre Production sample back from Hong Kong in the next week or so, so we’ll post some update pics.

Ohh did we mention we’re also celebrating the launch of our first accessory item with a matching tee? No well take a look at this fucking beauty below…

Spread the word our pretties!


Website refresh…

March 17, 2011

So we’re playing around with some ideas for a website refresh at the moment.

This is what we’re feeling tonight.

A rejigged store front, with links to blog/twitter/facebook/etc and a side panel containing a mini blog feed.

Got a new range soon to drop, new non tee products and a few more suprises, so may aswell have a new shop front to showcase it all!

Keep your eyes peeled for the finished thing soon come yo!